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Our Objective 

Our objective is to provide quality audit, accounting, taxation, U.S. and Asia business consulting, fraud deterrence, litigation support and estate/trust administration services to our client base. Our mission requires that we dedicate ourselves to accuracy, quality and determination. We share our expertise to find answers our clients want, need and deserve. We maintain a proactive posture in dealing with everyone our company comes in contact with.

At W.A. Leonard, the quality goes in before our name goes on.

We will accomplish our objectives using well educated, experienced professionals who understand the importance of quality and speed. Our unique attribute of being a small firm with ties into Asia, via our subsidiary; PT W.A. Leonard, places us into a unique position; generally only reserved for large, national firms. We can not only produce work in a cost-effective manner but can produce better quality assignments that represent the client needs. Small business clients seeking to expand into Asia will find that PT W.A. Leonard will be able to effectuate their growth and provides a unique business consulting service that is defined and well-focused.

Although anyone can say they represent quality and foresight; at W.A. Leonard Companies; our global positioning backs up what we say.

Experienced Advisors

At W.A. Leonard, our team of advisors have years of experience in the industry, providing you with the best possible service.

Why Choose W.A. Leonard

Ability to Stay One Step Ahead

We are constantly staying up to date with the latest changes and advancements in the industry, allowing us to provide you with the most current and effective solutions.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Our team's vast knowledge and expertise allows us to address any of your needs and provide you with tailored solutions.

Meet Our Team. . .

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